A brand identity evolution for the Swiss startup Yuno that helped achieve distinctive and consistent communication in their growth phase.


Yuno is a new service on the Swiss market that offers to rent the hottest tech products to their customers without any commitment and for a reasonable price.

Their brand transformation journey with GoBigname began with an in-depth analysis of its competition. Our brand design experts identified the best colour palette to make Yuno truly stand out.

We crafted a custom logo design featuring rounded corners in each letter of typography, symbolizing the brand's open and inclusive approach. This strategic choice ensures that Yuno appeals to a wide range of target audiences.

With a unique logo and colour palette, Yuno will be memorable and easily recognisable.

A single visual device to connect the entire communication

Yuno's calendar shape is not only a design element; it's a powerful brand asset. It seamlessly connects offline and online communication, embodying Yuno's core mission of flexible tech ownership. Imagine renting tech equipment with the same ease as marking your holidays on a calendar. That's the level of simplicity and accessibility that Yuno offers and now codes in the minds of their customers, thanks to this iconic brand emblem.

Consistency is the core of brand-building

Consistency is key in brand-building which is why we always ensure all aspects of a new brand identity are interconnected and work together perfectly. The calendar shape serves not only as a versatile element, acting as an information holder, but also as a visually engaging background, and a dynamic call-to-action element with animation potential. This level of consistency reinforces brand recognition and enhances user engagement.


Yuno's new brand identity secures their position on the market, making its way into the minds and hearts of the customers, and thus boosting their brand trust. At GoBigname, we use our unique Brand Street Framework to build and evolve brands, just as we did for Yuno. 

If you'd like to explore how your brand can achieve the same level of consistency and distinctiveness, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our expertise and proven strategies can help your brand shine in the competitive market.