21% of customers try a new product because they like the brand

49% of customers pay more for a product from their favourite brand

Communicating Identity

Having a logo or visual identity is not enough. Our focus is on developing holistic identity - combining an idea and design to give your brand continual consistency across all marketing channels. You will be amazed how great it looks and feels.

Brand guidelines

Your new identity is worth nothing unless there is poor excitement at its implementation phase. To successfully transform your visual and verbal assets and rules, the brand identity needs to be easy to understand and utilise. We will create guidelines for you that do exactly that.


When you need to refresh a name or give it a fresh new start, we will help you to create a package with the right combination of:

  • Shelf impact

  • Using the right material

  • Practicality

  • Share/photo readiness

  • Value-added marketing

  • Evoking a brand personality

  • Extending a line of products

  • Checking rules and regulations


For businesses and entrepreneurs looking for excellence, "art of font" lettering will ensure theirs will be both aesthetic and distinct. A visual or logotype created by an artist can differentiate the company from the mainstream and highlight the nature and message of the advertiser. Text posters, visual web content, magazine covers, logos... If you need to have written something that people will admire and say that "it’s beautiful", artistic lettering is right for you.

Handwriting & Calligraphy

If lettering is about free "word painting", calligraphy is about perfectly written letters. It requires a precise control of craft and calligraphic tools to achieve perfection in the chosen style. Calligraphy is behind the decorative handwriting on greetings, wish cards, invitations, certificates, awards, and more. It has a greater “wow” effect then ever in the post-digital age, highlighting the status of the connected event.

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