We provide the same services for registering a design.

Trademark Pre-screening

All names are checked by us through simple pre-screening before your presentation so you present the right names with a higher probability of you loving them, and also legally owning and protecting them.

In-depth Trademark Research

Save time and money with a search of possibly conflicting trademarks before you apply to register yours. Our lawyers specialise in protection of intellectual and industrial property rights. The outcome of such research is a list of similar names classified in the same Nice Classification as your business together with a legal opinion and the probability (in percent) of successful registration for each name. In general, it takes more than a year and half to register a trademark, which is why it is better to have a certain kind of assurance before starting the registration procedure and spending lots of time and money marketing your new logo, name or product.

Where we can help you:

  • Global trademarks

  • Local trademarks

  • EU trademarks (EUIPO)

  • USPTO trademark database

  • Google due diligence screen

  • CTM

  • WIPO Madrid Protocol

  • Industry-specific databases

  • Registration strategies

  • Pre-calculation of registration costs

Trademark Registration

Protecting your brand with a trademark is a crucial step toward building a valuable asset. We are able to help you with any type trademark registration via a local, European or global property office, which lets you profit from the highest form of protection: an exclusive right to use your name or logo. We can either work with your trademark attorney or connect you with an experienced specialist.

Trademark disputes

Do you have a trademark registration issue? Has someone filed a notice of opposition against your trademark application? Or do you think your trademark rights are being infringed? As name creation professionals and designers working with an experienced trademark law attorney always ready to counsel in legal and administrative proceedings, we can support you in the resolution of such issues through an analysis of the situation.

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