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10 tips for naming your new company

A real experience from the team behind 100+ company launches. How to name your company for global success? Here is the answer.

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How brands can communicate effectively in the era of consumer overstimulation

In this article, a special focus will be on a brand asset called fluent device. After reading this article, you will be able to answer the following questions: What are fluent devices? How effective are they compared to other brand assets, and what are possible use cases?

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Top 3 trademark mistakes (that even large companies do)

A trademark can easily happen to be your company's most valuable asset - and its lack will be a lack of protection you'll sorely miss. Think of trademarks as a form of insurance for your brand. To be able to call out (and stop) those copying you with the law on your side is only a part of it; not receiving infringement claims and potentially losing your name is the other important part.

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A business horror: Your brand without a trademark

Do you know the main reasons for having your brand registered as a trademark? To many, it sounds either unimportant or intimidating. Here are reasons why - and why it doesn't have to be, followed by six real-life insights helping you understand the whys and the how-tos.

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Company names and their types

Do you need an abstract or descriptive name? Different categories of company names bring different benefits. Knowing the different types of titles can help you greatly clarify your idea of a company name.

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12 questions before choosing the best name

To be sure which name is the best, ask yourself the questions below. The name that gets the highest number of positive responses from you should be the one you choose.

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9 common questions about trademarks

If you own a small company, you might not have solved a less eye-catching and yet still critical problem in starting up a business – protecting your business name. How can you avoid problems before you invest too much into branding? Our legal department will answer your frequently asked questions about registering trademarks in Slovakia, the European Union and globally.

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How to name your coffee or snack bar

If you decide to start a café or bistro, this article will help you build your brand. We live in a time when we stop to drink a coffee just because of the caffeine. If only quality could decide, Starbucks would go broke :) But we have moved from functional drinking to experiences. In order to be successful, offering just good coffee is not enough. Thoughtful branding, a catchy name, a “wow” visual identity could help. Roasters, staff, space, etc. can be changed, and yet you will have only one name.

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10 tips how to name your startup

We were surprised how much time company founders spend coming up with a name. When you are dedicating so much effort to doing that, you had better do it well. Setting up a business is wonderful. Do not jeopardise the transnational growth of your company with a name that is either regional or too much bound to one product category. There are actually many more rules. You ought to read them now rather than spend your money and time later on rebranding.

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10 reasons to change your company or product name

Why do companies change their name? Generally, in order to increase earnings, save on communications or prevent losses in new markets; or simply because they want to say something important about themselves.

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7 brand colours you cannot use

Colours are not only important in branding, but also in consumer buying behaviour. 90% of spontaneous buying decisions are based on the choice of colour. That lies behind decisions of some companies to adopt a particular colour and has lead to long-standing legal disputes. Colour can itself be a brand and companies protect it by registering the colour as a trademark.

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Most interesting names of big company meeting rooms

Stand out from "cubicle" organisations and express your corporate culture through your meeting room names. Instead of boring, hard-to-remember numbers designating your rooms ("Was it 218 or 318?"), meeting somewhere like the Bat Cave would be much easier to picture. And if people from the press are coming to you for a "tour", such a name would be a source of some great stories.

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How to increase sales with a name evocating another country

Product image can be shaped not just by communicating it, but also with a brand name. Many entrepreneurs deliberately associate their brands with various countries by using a “country-sounding” name, benefiting from the positive association people have with the country. Tomáš Czwitkovics from the portal has already interviewed us on this topic. In addition, this article provides other interesting examples of companies whose appropriately chosen brand names have increased the value of the brand’s products and services.

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How do product names like IKEA, Apple, BMW come about?

How can you make marketing of your many products more effective? Big brands have found from testing that a common naming nomenclature not only unites sub-branding with related names, but it also simplifies making these products and services more visible and memorable. The naming nomenclature enhances what marketers and creative people do and puts a tool in their hands – a set of pre-defined rules about how to proceed toward developing names when they expand a product line or service portfolio. Below are a few examples of different naming nomenclatures which are formed in different ways.

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7 tips when entering the Chinese market

The Chinese market is incredibly tempting for ambitious entrepreneurs and corporations. But not all of them are aware of the many risks associated with entering this $1.3 billion territory. This article gives you some advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and common fundamental branding mistakes so your name can be successful in China, too.