Berlin Brands Group

Complete visual system for an international e-commerce holding with its local headquarters in Berlin, Bratislava, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Istanbul

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14 brands under one roof

The GoBigname® team covered a complex rebranding of the international CHAL-TEC company at the Berlin Brands Group. They are devoted to the development, design, and distribution of thousands of unique products under 14 brands. Our team created a virtual ecosystem of the parent entity that is adaptable to individual brands as well as the unique fixed-width BBG monospaced font that brought consistency to all media. 

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Visual consistency thanks to a name

The name Berlin Brands Group became the basis for the entire visual. From the name and its abbreviation BBG, we created a design element which is used not only in print but also in new designs for the office and meeting room interiors. This makes the brand visible not only through the logo but also through other elements.

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Company’s new visual culture

BBG employs more than 700 people on three continents and has a great potential for further growth. The biggest challenge for GoBigname® was to create the company’s visual culture which then helps to accelerate employer branding. One company and one visual language worldwide. Thanks to the customised font, a uniform platform was created that interconnects the activities of this brand in a wide communication spectrum from merchandising to the actual communication of the company with a potential client or employee.


Comprehensive visual ecosystem for 3 continents

A consistent brand for online and offline activities

Unique BBG pattern for employer branding

A custom BBG typeface