A complete rebranding of a company helping small businesses with an all-in-one app, turning from a generic look to a consistently bold 'global-ready', 'online retail-ready', and 'digital-first' brand.

Diligence Friendliness Speed

Global brand of the digital era

Three keywords that define Billdu. Those keywords are what we used to set the brand apart from the competition. We created a consistent visual brand ecosystem that would make the keywords pop up in the client’s and customer’s mind immediately after seeing any brand element. At-the-time generic-looking Billdu evolved to be globally successful, building on its own characteristics.

All-around ready

Billdu's complete rebranding encompassed not only a tailor-made fluent device! A whole spectrum of icons and illustrations ready for all-around global communication was created to give the brand an outstanding look and feel.

billdu_mascots_ 1
macbook 2
Digital-first and global-ready

To get Billdu to become digital-first and global-ready, bearing their main values in mind, we created a fluent device in the form of an amiable beaver. An unexpected, perhaps even bold choice of a direction with our mono-linear way of styling it, making it possible to visualize the beaver consistently even "in action".

Group 18
The devil’s in the details

We dug deep into details with the Billdu beaver – even the tail pattern refers to the Billdu logo. Notice also how the head points up – along with the size of the eyes and the smile, this deliberate design choice supports the beaver's friendly expression.

billdu_portfolio_images 1
Group 19
The monochromatic consistency

The brand's color spectrum was intentionally set in monochrome. The goal we opted for was to support the consistency of the brand even more.

We picked the SONDA font for the typeface. Thinking of Billdu as a global-ready brand, this particular font was chosen to underline the mono-linear style and the whole brand essence. What is more, each line end of the beaver (and all of the illustrations) is rounded just like the lines of the font are, connecting the designs.

billdu_app_store_fragments 1
A handful of icons

An important design element are also the icons, which aim for an even deeper connection of all the elements. Each shows the hands of the mascot, keeping the brand at the top of the customer's mind. With the perfectly consistent visual identity connecting an excellent fluent device with all the simple yet excruciatingly thought-out details, we've crafted an instantly recognizable Billdu brand ready for global, digital-first communication.

billdu_brand_codes 1

A complete global rebranding

New, consistent visual ecosystem

An exclusive, tailor-made fluent device with a set of icons that are thought out in detail

A digital-first brand ready for global growth