Cruiser Aircraft

Redesign for a manufacturer of iconic light-sport aircraft used in over 30 countries worldwide.


Global Brand Refresh

Global brand of the digital era

GoBigname® fulfilled the need of a light-sport aircraft manufacturer: preserve the brand heritage and unify the brand identity for usage on aircraft and in catalogues, physical showrooms, and the digital ecosystem.

Improved brand recognition And visibility

The new unique brand codes (symbol, colour, font) refer to the 80-years-long craftsmanship tradition of aircraft manufacturing in the Czech Republic, shifting it to the modern era across all communication channels. The Ruby Chrome emblem was inspired by the Czech crystal and works in 3D both on the aircrafts and in the online environment. It also introduces the new ruby ​​colour which highlights the plane manufacturer's uniqueness and attention to detail and makes the brand communication visually consistent.

Modern aerodynamic typeface

The rebranding effort includes a custom typeface created by GoBigname® type designers containing references to the dynamics of airflow when a plane is airborne. The result is a unique aerodynamic font introducing modern and dynamic aspects in the communication of Cruiser Aircraft, be it on the web or in their catalogs.

New product presentation concept

The designer team at GoBigname® managed to capture the element of aircraft craftsmanship in the presentation of new Cruiser Aircraft models. The font used for the names of individual models is reminiscent of handwriting synonymous with handicraft and calligraphy. The human touch on such a technologically advanced and precise product along with the new color palette help shift the manufacturer into the lifestyle category.


Comprehensive visual ecosystem

New Cruiser Aircraft logotype

New Ruby Chrome emblem

Aerodynamic tailor-made font