A brand new, 'shiny' visual identity based on two main pillars: a fluent device and a tile pattern for a super modern car market B2C platform of the 21st century symbolizing a world full of innovation, quality, transparency, and fairness.

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Driverama makes buying and/or selling a car online convenient, helps with securing its financing, or exchanging an old car for a new one. Everything was designed so that most processes take place on the website. Only the car pick-up and delivery take place in the physical world – and their new visual identity needed to reflect such an addition to the modern world.

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A fluent device fluently depicting speed and quality

The PitstopGuy – the fluent device we created for Driverama's visual identity – looks like a Formula 1 team mechanic on purpose. We designed him to act as a brand mascot underlining Driverama's qualities. A big, bold, and visible element to impersonate all a customer would need when buying or selling a car – a fast and high-quality service.

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A tile pattern to connect all the dots

A unique, tailor-made tile pattern resembling a road continues the theme of the Driverama logo. Not only does it support consistency through the whole identity and communication – it also offers endless possibilities thanks to an infinite number of configurations. Any individual part of the pattern can also be enlarged and used as a big, bold background. Talk about versatility!

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A brand new name & brand identity for a brand new brand

2 bold key elements – a fluent device & a versatile tile pattern

A complex brand ecosystem ready for both online & offline

A global brand with a memorable, true-to-philosophy, inspiring style