Visual identity redesign and unique fluent device creation for Gardeon's expansion to the DACH region.


Our new fluent device became the main element of the entire brand evolution. Thanks to the mascot, Gardeon, and its innovative products will always be one step ahead of its competition, whose solutions are often conventional and old-school.

The unique and dominant visualisation of the mascot's head is derived directly from the brand's logo and is able to convey emotions and react to changes in its environment by moving its eyes, eyebrows, or mouth. As a result, there are countless options for interactions with potential customers in both online and offline formats.

It's all in the details

The position of the mascot's body communicates the sophistication, boldness, and modernity that Gardeon applies as its highest values from the design process through production and all the way to the final delivery to the client. The white shoes and gloves symbolise the cleanliness and precision of their assembly work, which is one of the main advantages compared to conventional construction.

The overall character of the mascot is culturally neutral, ensuring seamless foreign expansion.

a complex solution to achieve ultimate consistency 

Our solution also included the creation of a detailed design manual including instructions on how to use the mascot in various video formats and on social networks, the design of merchandise for employees, gifts for clients, and expositions for trade fairs.

expo nakres3
Measurably better results in brand building

A fluent device is one of the many ways we help our clients streamline the process of brand building and international expansion. A properly designed and set-up fluent device measurably increases parameters such as brand recognition or conversions of potential clients reached by the campaign.

If you are interested in learning more, do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to show you the results of world-class studies of the principles of effective brand building through visuals, including specific case studies of our clients with measured values before and after rebranding.