HB Reavis’ HUBHUB has gradually transformed from a co-working space to an ecosystem for both new and growing businesses, therefore it needed an identity that would work globally.

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the age of Two-seconds-long attention spans

Designing just a logo is no longer enough because no one would be able to recognise it on social networks while flying over newsfeeds. Thus, a pattern that is easy to remember became the symbol for recognising the HUBHUB brand, linking communication together thanks to the variety of background spaces available for many types of content.

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from social media to physical space

The choice of colour combinations takes into account the focus on a progressive target group and the use of materials in common HUBHUB spaces. The basic colour palette is complemented by a shadow hue that acts as an interlayer and produces a complex visual identity that is modern and variable.

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The pattern of symbols originates directly from the HUBHUB logotype. The random arrangement of individual symbols within the proportional network and the subsequent rotation creates a unique image system adaptable to different forms of use that range from the decorating of rooms to the branding of clothing.

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Improved brand recognition And visibility
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New visual identity

Unique design pattern

Unique colour palette

Online/offline usage