A complex rebranding to a unique and consistent visual identity for the fastest-growing B2B Swiss law firm, that helps tech brands grow to new markets

Innovative legal partner for tech companies

LEXR is a Swiss and German law firm in Zurich, St. Gallen, Lausanne & Berlin that provides legal practice and services for tech companies. Innovation and ambition are the key attributes of this brand and that’s exactly what their new visual identity reflects. Now they’re ready to conquer the world.

Timeless design and endless innovation

The law is often connected with the past and just like technology and start-up culture, it depends on constant innovation. This connection became our main inspiration and so we combined futuristic-looking fragmentation referring to digital typography and the timeless design of symbols referring to the proportions of the 2000 years old Roman capital that is considered perfect even today. Together, these elements brought the idea of endless innovation to life in a single custom-made wordmark with a complement of a unique icon with our custom letter “X” in a circle.

Connection between technology and human nature

Historically, the LEXR brand used a radiant green colour shade, which became characteristic for them within their segment. We kept the colour and called it “Tech Green” symbolizing technology and added the Forest Green that represents the organic dimension of the brand and their human approach. Since the Tech Green is already a bold and fluorescent colour, we wanted to bring a colour for contrast, convenient, for example, also for CTA buttons.

an “endless shape” ready to add innovation to “boring” law competition

The whole identity is interwoven with fragments of the “endless shape” that add space and support the tech focus of LEXR. The shape is designed in both Tech Green and Forest Green, making it ready for use in both light and dark modes. This is how we helped LEXR redesign their brand into a fresh and unique visuality, and thus become a legal firm that brings innovation even in the visual form.


A complete global rebranding 

New, consistent visual ecosystem

A brand with all the elements for online and offline, local, and global communication

A digital-first brand ready for global growth