The first company, co-owned by Boston Bruins club captain Zdeno Chára, needed a name for technology and a visual identity functioning not only in the NHL environment.

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a name for new technology under pattern protection

The newly coined word Rezztek® is a combination of the word resin, which is part of the material, and a capital Z from Zdeno Chára’s nickname Big Z. The name from GoBigname® workshop semantically and visually promotes the very joining of two Zs into a unique symbol. Customised graphic labelling and reference to Zdeno Chára help Rezztek® sell to those who want better control of the puck and faster and more accurate shots.

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Preparation of a brand for the American hockey market

One of the most important tasks for GoBigname® was to prepare the brand’s visuals in a way that would capture the international hockey market and promote it in the US as much as possible. The media base for the Rezztek® symbol are photos of players in action or on the bench.

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Name of a patented technology

Unique symbol for brand identification in the media

A comprehensive visual ecosystem for manufacturer and partners

Customised graphic labelling for all brand materials