A logo refresh and a custom-made font for the global Q&A platform Slido, which has already been used by over 45 million event participants.

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Our team at GoBigname® has helped Slido prepare their visual identity for a new era. Besides large events, Slido is increasingly being used in company meetings and webinars. The new logo and font do not just work great on large screens during events, but also on a small scale on computers and mobile devices.

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Consistency across ecosystems

We have designed a monolinear font with an increased x-height which improves its on-screen legibility. The client liked the font so much they decided to make it a building block of their visual design language. The brand also retains its identity throughout other platforms, such as Zoom Webinars, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet.

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A refresh of the old logo into the bold & unique Slido

Improved legibility thanks to our custom Slido Sans font typefaces for different uses

A complex, font-based visual ecosystem

An exclusive license with unlimited possibilities