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Global brand of the digital era

A complete refresh of the visual identity for a Swiss measurement and test equipment specialist in the high-end industrial sector.

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A tile system as a distinctive element

The key element of the renewed identity ended up being a unique tile system. GoBigname® fulfilled the need for originality in design, consistency in communication, and versatility of use with a system of 12 versions of tiles. They can be connected vertically as well as horizontally, and some are even stretched in width or height. Each tile was tightly connected to an element typical or representative for the Witronic brand: a cable wire, a start button from a machine, a measuring tool, or a customer's smile – as customers always come first at Witronic. 

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Bold colors inspired by machines

GoBigname® found inspiration for the new colors directly on Witronic's machines. The primary colour of Witronic's visual identity was and is the Witro Red. Thanks to all the elements and colors combined, the family business with many large brands got a completely refreshed, modern look that still draws from the industry itself.

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A complete refresh of the visual identity

A consistent while variable tile system excellent for both online and offline communication

A new logo and a system ready to incorporate it

A new colour palette with the Witro red as a primary colour