Basic Branding - The Fundamentals

Regardless of whether you are a startup, entrepreneur, or small business, having a logo is not enough. Our focus is on developing holistic identities - combining an idea and design to give your brand consistency across all marketing channels. You will be amazed at how great it looks and feels. 

Creation of basic visual brand assets delivered as brand guidelines.

  • Concept development
  • Logo
  • Icon
  • Typeface
  • Colors
  • Visualization of concept
The basic branding process takes between 4 and 6 weeks

Your new identity is worth nothing if there is poor excitement at its implementation phase. To successfully transform your visual and verbal assets and rules, the brand identity needs to be easy to understand and utilize. We will create guidelines for you that do exactly that.

Advanced Branding - The Custom Encore

Do you want to continue working with us after we've developed the fundamentals? 
Do you already have a functioning brand but need further brand assets? 

Building on the basics, we create further assets, guidelines, and applications. 
The scope is always customer-specific and depends on your challenges and needs.

  • Custom typeface

We create an exclusive typeface for your brand. Increase your brand recall and even save licensing costs.

  • Social media guidelines

No matter what type of content you publish, thanks to our templates, you keep preparation time to a minimum.

  • Employer branding

Become an attractive employer with our welcome packages and branded offices.

  • Packaging design

Maximize the shelf impact of your product. We help you choose the right material, differentiate by design, and support you with regulations.

  • Web design

Create a lasting first impression in the digital world. Our concepts work on- and offline across all touchpoints.

  • Fluent devices

Connect your communication with a fluent device or brand mascot for utmost brand recall.

  • Sonic branding

Extent your brand assets with a sound logo or brand music to be ready for anything.

  • Do you have something else in mind?

Just ask us!

The advanced branding process takes between 3 and 5 weeks

80+ long-term branding projects

Selected companies having a visual identity created by GoBigname: 

Berlin Brands Group - Driverama - Slido