Choose only names with marketing communication potential and with free domains and trademarks.

Naming creation

Campaigns last a few weeks, logos for years, but names, great names endure forever. A strong verbal identity is a solid platform for building great brands that last generations. It doesn't stop with a company or product, you can further strengthen your brand by defining sub-brands in new categories or fitting them into existing ones in your portfolio.

  • Product naming

  • Company naming

  • Service naming

  • Platform naming

  • Ingredient naming

  • Technology naming

  • Pharmaceutical naming

Name Consultancy

Do you plan to rebrand and need help with brand name architecture, or are your colleagues battling over the right decision-making process? We will be more than happy to share with you our 15 years of experience, answering your questions and bringing peace and direction to your team. The outcome for you is a meeting report with all the information you need.

Name Audit

There are more than 15 crucial points that can either make your name a success or weaken it if you miss them.

  • Is your name positioning the brand?

  • Can customers in many different countries pronounce it with ease?

  • Do the name’s structure and rhythm have linguistic strengths?

  • Does it fulfil domain-name requirements?

  • Can it survive a change of business model?

  • Is it ready for sentiment measuring and social monitoring?

  • Does the name contain a brand story layer for PR?

  • What about trademark and evocation screening?

  • and more!

GoBigname® will prepare an in-depth report with recommendations you can pitch to your management and apply it to make the right decision.

Naming protocol

Control how your people and partners use your brand names, providing exact rules for:

  • Master brand versus sub-brand

  • Creating new brand family names

  • Creating freestanding names

  • Consistent naming procedures

  • Co-branding and partner branding

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