Campaigns last a few weeks, logos for years, but names, great names endure forever. A strong verbal identity is a solid platform for building great brands that last generations. It doesn't stop with a company or product; you can further strengthen your brand by defining sub-brands in new categories or fitting them into existing ones in your portfolio.

  • Company naming
  • Product naming
  • Service naming
  • Platform naming
  • Ingredient naming
  • Technology naming
  • Pharmaceutical naming
The naming process takes between 3 and 5 weeks

We audit existing names

Do you have some name proposals but do not know how to evaluate them? 
Already have a name that works locally but wants to expand abroad?

There are more than 15 crucial points that can either make your name a success or weaken it if you miss them.

  • Is your name positioning the brand?
  • Can customers in many different countries pronounce it with ease?
  • Do the name’s structure and rhythm have linguistic strengths?
  • Are the necessary domains available?

We will prepare an in-depth report with recommendations you can pitch to your management and apply it to make the right decision

We help you manage your names

Do you have a complex brand architecture and struggle to harmonize the rules, if there are any.

Control how your employees, distributors, and partners use your brand names. 

We provide exact rules for:

  • Master brand versus sub-brand
  • Creating new brand family names
  • Creating freestanding names
  • Consistent naming procedures
  • Co-branding and partner branding

We will develop a naming guideline with examples you can share with your employees, distributors, or partners.

150+ naming projects

Selected companies carrying a name created by GoBigname: 

Ayanza - Exponea - Atida - Noordcode