The basic trademark search is done manually and explores public databases to reveal unambiguous conflicts. 

We also check the individual parts of the name or the basis of the word, in cooperation with our legal partners. 

The search reveals not only identical but also similar trademarks. As a result, we bring the examination of the five most important conflicts and the evaluation of the registration potential of the name. 

We recommend this control for national trademarks and for unique names without commonly known words.

In-depth search using artificial intelligence

We can ensure a higher rate of certainty in the registration process with a detailed and in-depth search. It includes the analysis of public electronic databases and it is processed with the modern technology of artificial intelligence. 

We get a very complex and detailed analysis of potential conflicts, including not-registered brands that already exist on the market. Due to its accuracy, we recommend this search for the registration of international trademarks and for wordmarks, comprised of commonly used words. 

The search also contains an estimation in percent indicating the probability of successful registration. This remarkably increases the chance of the name being registered.

Trademark registration

Protecting your brand with a trademark is a crucial step towards building valuable assets.

 After the trademark search, we are able to help you with any type of trademark registration via a local, European or global property office. Profit from the highest form of protection - an exclusive right to use your name or logo. We can assist you further with 

  • Nice classification of goods and services
  • Most effective registration strategy
  • Process all bureaucratic communication on your behalf

trademark monitoring

It is your responsibility to take action against any misuse of your trademark. This means that you need to check whether a new trademark, which is identical to yours, has been applied for or registered.

If you establish that your trademark right has been infringed, you can initiate opposition procedures within the statutory time limit.


We are working with experienced trademark law attorneys always ready to counsel in legal and administrative proceedings.

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