We will help you to protect not only your name but also design and other graphic elements against competition.

Exact match control

We check all presented names through simple prescreening before our presentation, so you can choose names with a higher probability of legally owning and protecting them. The prescreening would reveal an existing identical trademark, so we can be sure to not offer you an exactly same name already registered as a trademark. We include this service in every name presentation for free.

Basic search

The basic trademark search is processed by manual exploration of public databases to reveal the unambiguous conflicts. Unlike the exact match control, we also check the individual parts of the name or the basis of the word, in cooperation with our legal office. The search reveals not only identical, but also similar trademarks. As a result, we bring the examination of five most important conflicts and the evaluation of the pre-registration position of the name. We recommend this control for national trademarks and for unique names without the common words.

In-depth search using artificial intelligence

We can ensure higher rate of certainty in the registration process with a detailed and in-depth automatized search. It includes the analysis of public electronic database and it is processed with the modern technology of artificial intelligence. Contrary to basic search, we get a very complex and detailed analysis of potential conflicts, including not-registered brands already existing on the market. Due to its accuracy, we recommend this search for the registration of international trademarks and for the word trademarks, comprised of the commonly used words. The search also contains the percentual estimation for the successful registration, and it remarkably increases the chance of the name to be registered.

Trademark registration

Protecting your brand with a trademark is a crucial step toward building a valuable asset. After the exact match control and the search, we are able to help you with any type of trademark registration via a local, European or global property office, which lets you profit from the highest form of protection - an exclusive right to use your name or logo. We can assist you further with the Nice Class classification of goods and services, to suggest the most effective registration strategy to you and to process all bureaucratic communication on your behalf.

Trademark disputes

Do you have a trademark registration issue? Has someone filed a notice of opposition against your trademark application? Or do you think your trademark rights are being infringed? As name creation professionals and designers working with an experienced trademark law attorney always ready to counsel in legal and administrative proceedings, we can support you in the resolution of such issues through an analysis of the situation.

Other legal services

Where we can help you further:

  • USPTO trademark database
  • Google due diligence screen
  • Community trademark
  • WIPO Madrid Protocol
  • Industry-specific databases
  • Registration strategies
  • Pre-calculation of registration costs
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