eco elio

Naming project for a sustainable and science-based sun protection brand that helps people keep their skin safe around the world.

gobigname approach and inspiration

To create a name for the sustainable sun protection brand, we dug deep into the old Greek and found the word “hēlios/ἥλιος”. This ancient word translates into the modern version “Elio” with the meaning of “sun” or “sunlight”. People shouldn't be afraid to enjoy the sunlight. Moreover, why hide something we are proud of? We are simple, science-based, sustainable, and ecological, we are eco elio.

eco-friendly brand for sun protection

products that not only feel good, but also do good

The brand is true to its mission and contains at least 86 % of biologically degradable ingredients in a reusable packaging, and planet friendly filters. Thanks to eco elio, it is easier to stay safe in the sun; protecting both the people and the Earth.