Branding, naming & package design for a new set of products that help gamers become the leaders in the gaming world.

Sharp like the Jaguar, Smart like the Fox

Two dominant animals with a different way of life. Jaguar as a symbol of strength and fox as a symbol of sophistication and smartness. These attributes are what every gamer needs when playing deep into the night. And now they’ve become the attributes of one unique, strong, global-ready brand.

Strong brand element ready for every touchpoint

For a brand to be functional and recognisable, having unified brand elements is a must. Our inspiration for this project was the eye of a gamer – the eye pupil in particular. As the game progresses, the gamer’s pupils keep changing and adapting to the current situation. Jaguar and fox have different pupil shapes and we used this when creating the symbol of the eyes that are part of the logo. They became the key element connecting these two beasts together into one persona of a gamer. Moreover, the symbol can be used for any touchpoint – from the packaging to PlayStation controller buttons – and is therefore noticeable even among the thousands of snack brands.

Unique pattern presenting duality

The above-mentioned symbol is further highlighted by our dual pattern which is once again a reflection of the connection of a jaguar and a fox. Besides imagination, this unique pattern also brings infinite possible ways of using it and just like the symbol, it’s functional practically everywhere. It’s built on two visually-different principles – the left side represents the roundness and speed of the jaguar, while the right side shows the sharp senses of the fox. Thanks to the combination of our eyes (or logo) and this pattern, the product becomes practically impossible to overlook.

Supporting the identity of gamers around the world

The gamers put a lot of energy into playing a game of any kind and need to recharge especially when gaming for too long. The JaguarFox supplements were made exactly for them to be able to stay focused for longer and think clearer. That’s how they can gain both strength and stealth and manage to beat their opponents more easily than ever before.


Custom-made approach

Fresh & consistent visual ecosystem

Unique & strong brand element

Consistent & unique package design